Institutional Investors

Canso Investment Counsel Ltd. offers segregated and pooled investment management services to institutional investors with $50 million or more to invest. Amounts less than $50 million are accommodated through third party dealers.

Canso is known as a specialty manager of corporate bond portfolios and our mandates have produced superior results1 since the firm was founded in 1997. Product offerings include Investment Grade Corporate, Broad Corporate (up to 30% exposure to below investment grade credit) and Corporate Value (no restrictions by credit rating).

Other specialty portfolios include Short Term and Floating Rate Bonds, Inflation-Linked Bonds, Bank Loans, Infrastructure Debt, and Long Duration Credit.

Canso’s institutional clients include major corporations, endowments, insurance companies, unions and universities.

Canso is dedicated to delivering superior investment performance to our clients. Successful investing generates returns over long periods through economic and financial cycles.  Our mission is to deliver returns to those who have entrusted us with funds to manage.

All of our employees invest in Canso funds ensuring the perfect alignment of interest between Canso and our clients.

To learn more about Canso’s investment management expertise, please call or email us at:


Phone: (905) 881-8853

1Canso’s Investment Grade and Broad Corporate bond mandates are in the top quartile of the Pavilion™ Performance Appraisal Report of Canadian fixed income managers since inception in 1997.