"What’s Going On” was the plaintive refrain and title of Marvin Gaye’s 1971 hit song about the controversial Vietnam War and the resulting societal and political upset in the United States. His song of confusion and disappointment seems as relevant to us today. We look with trepidation on the political and social tumult around the world and wonder ourselves what is going on.

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Canso Investment Counsel Ltd. is named after the PBY-5A “Canso” amphibious aircraft.

Private Investors

Canso product offerings to private investors include fixed income, income trust and equity products.

Institutional Investors

Canso offers segregated and pooled investment management services to institutional investors.

Welcome to Canso Investment Counsel Ltd.

We specialize in security selection for Canadian client portfolios. Our disciplined approach and proprietary research allows us to take advantage of investment opportunities and avoid overpriced investments. We do not depend on external rating agencies, nor do we fall prey to investment fashion or trends.

We believe that disciplined investment management, applied consistently over long periods, delivers investment success.

Canso Investment Counsel Ltd. provides portfolio management services to institutional and private investors. The Canso aircraft, our namesake, first flew in the 1930s. Over its many years of service it has earned a reputation for rugged reliability in both war and peace. Our focus on investment research and analysis might not be as exciting or popular at times as other ways of managing money. Like the legendary endurance and range of the Canso, it consistently adds value to our portfolios in the turbulence of the financial markets.